Get indulged in the taste of Mango, a native fruit found in South and Southeast Asia. Zomo is all set to introduce its is a native fruit from the south and southeast Asia; Its succulence identifies it. Bearing in mind that it is a very consumed and loved fruit in several places, Zomo produced Mango flavor, which stands out for its distinct fragrance. Ideal to be consumed on hot days, because its flavor transports us to the typical summer climate.


50g 250g
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CUSTOMER Reviews (3)

Mangola inside

Every kid's dream but only adult can enjoy, flavor is so real that you will love to have it.

See it Feel It and enjoy it

Loved to enjoy it on a breezy eve, thank you a lot for this invention, it has a natural kick

King of all

If you are still a kid and want to meet yourself in isolation then go for it and you will thank me

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