Experience a twist in your hookah bowl! Exclusively presenting the world famous The Acai flavors in your serving bowl. With great pride, we are delighted to announce the big arrival of the true essence of rich flavors of The Acai Cream available now. Get ready to taste the sweet and fresh flavors of the Acai Cream, typically available in the cities located in the north and northeast Brazilian region and experience the difference.


50g 250g
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CUSTOMER Reviews (3)

Exotic experience

I have been very apt with my choice of Acai Cream flavor. It was an exotic experience and I have enjoyed the flavor to the fullest.

Must try flavor

The taste of Hookah suddenly went more refreshing with it. I would highly recommend this flavor to the Hookah lovers!

Wonderful taste

It was a wonderful experience to have Acai Cream in my Hookah bowl. Indeed the taste is good enough to make my day.

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