Hookah-Shisha Zomo Swiss Alps review

Howdy Zomo fans!

I go by the name SMOKEorPASS, work at Hookah-shisha.com and am based out of Austin, TX. The summers in Texas can be dreadful, so we always remember the first cold front. At the time of this blog's creation, I’m experiencing the fall seasonal cooling, while also bringing out my strong mint flavors for chilly night sessions.

The flavor of mint that I’m choosing to start my season off with comes from the Zomo World Flavors collection and it’s titled Swiss Alps. I’m very familiar with the powerful flavor strength of Zomo flavors, so when I saw the frosty mountains on the package I knew it was going to be a super cold smoke session. 

I prepared my Swiss Alps session at our warehouse with a Firefly bowl and one of my favorite hookahs, the Redwood Regal Prince. Zomo tobacco is very easy to use and produces super cloudy sessions with a variety of bowl packing methods. Personally, I like to use funnel or vortex bowl designs with this juicy golden leaf tobacco, but it works with any bowl. My go-to packing method with Zomo is to fill the bowl slightly pass the rim and then gently tap it down before adding my HMD (heat management device).

My typical approach to any session after placing the charcoal inside my HMD is to wait about 5 minutes before taking my first inhale. I stuck to my normal approach with this session and that first inhale almost gave me brain freeze. The HMD that I'm using for this smokey session is the Kaloud Lotus.

This tobacco has a sweet spearmint gum aroma, but the strength of the mint flavor from smoking came through as a pleasant surprise because it was much stronger than the scent led me to believe. Zomo does a great job of adding a unique sweetness to its flavors without sacrificing the flavor output of the intended blend. As the session progressed I became acclimated to the mint strength, but it’s pretty powerful so if you’re a mint fan this needs to be the next thing you try. Strong mint flavors within the hookah world is nothing new but the gum flavor used in this mix is definitely something you’ll want to share with friends. I gotta warn you though, some of your friends will want to snag a little bit to take home, so make your bowl and hide the jar or prepare to break out the rations. 

Will, I ever make it to the top of Weisshorn, Schilithorn, or Jungfrau (Swiss Alp mountains)?

Probably not, but I’ll leave that door open for any random possibilities that may occur. Until then, I can definitely say I’ve got a new flavor to add to my mint rotation that makes me think of frigid mountains. Originally I was a fan of their Strong Mint flavor because of the super sweet & cold mint profile, but this Swiss Alps has me reshuffling the cards. I’ve been smoking more gold leaf flavors recently and the fact that I can still get the super cold mint with sweetness accompanied by that gum profile makes it an instant repeat for me. Bravo Zomo team you've done great with this mix, what should I smoke next?

Thanks for reading!

You rock and happy smoking.