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Around the World with Zomo 2 - Secret of Babylon

Around the World with Zomo 2:

Woohoo post #2!!!  Hope you all enjoyed my last review of the Zomo World Dragon Wall, and continuing the Around the World Series here is my review of the Secret of Babylon:

Secret of  Babylon was one of the first Zomo flavors I tried in their old line of flavors and it had been a great experience.  I remember being super bummed that it was only available in 50g packs instead of 250s because there was never enough.  I really enjoyed the old flavor in warmer weather due to the nice cooling flavor.  But enough about the old, let’s try the new.

First off, the new flavors are available in 50 packs as well as 250 tubs in nice solid plastic packaging.  Tried out the secret of babylon using the same rig and pack that I did for the dragonwall the other day, vitria bowl with a lotus + hmd and 2 cocourth cubes on a Union Hookah with Union Hose.  I used a fluff pack, and replaced the 2 cubes about an hour into the session. It’s very similar to the old line secret of babylon, but it seemed like a teeny bit less mint and a little more melon which made for a really interesting blend.  Personally i like the newer blend better, it feels a little more relaxed and fruity.  The session started nicely on the fruit taste and the mint built up and became more present through the 20-40 minute marks. It was a little less tingly mint than the dragon wall, but much more of a cooling feeling. The flavor was long lasting. Really solid for 1.5 hours with a smooth trail off from the 1.5-1.75 hour mark.  I feel like the Dragon Wall maintained a stronger flavor with a steeper drop off, but can’t say one is better than the other.  Really impressed with how well the new line as a whole handles heat, doesn’t take much to get it going but seems to be really scorch resistant. Great for a set and forget hmd setup like the lotus (as a heads up I do love my HMDs, but if you guys want I will do more foil comparisons!). Personally I do prefer the dragonwall better but it’s close and it’s more of a personal preference thing for me. I feel like the secret will be a summer and hot weather smoke due to how cool and refreshing it is, and the Zomo dragonwall is a bit more everytime for me.

Pairings:  Cool drinks and warm weather are perfect for this flavor.  Snapple peach ice tea is nice and mellow and lets the flavor breath.  If you want to add some extra buzz a little melon moonshine mixed with the peach ice tea will definitely get you there.  Tortilla chips with mango salsa add a little heat but keep it nice and sweet.  

And as always, let me know what you think, how your experiences are, and what you’d like to see more of in the future!  Smoke On!!!  

-Chris Cettina!