A big release for 2019

We are all set to make a release of our signature flavor series exclusive from the WORLD Line: Copacabana Beach, Dragon Wall, Ibiza Sensation, Miami Nights, Mount Fuji, Mystery of Bali, Secret of Babylon, Swiss Alps, Taj Mahal, Waterlemon, Colori Della Sicilia, & Havana Style. Stay connected to rejuvenate your taste buds with our exclusive collection of flavors alongside a series of classic flavors. A friend, a brand, a lifestyle. Zomo America. Join us on our journey to take tobacco products to the next level, making each of your day to day tobacco smoking experiences a wonderful one. Here at Zomo America we strive to create a unique relationship with each of our customers, prompt customer service to respond to each of your needs, daily social media interactions and sample give aways, and best of all, our use of the most advanced technology to make sure every one of our tobacco products are made in the absolute perfect conditions. Every time.